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Twunbbs.com 無限論壇; c/ P' g4 q, _: E, D9 |
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com片名:性的研究 (2015)7 w" H( }( h! g
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com又名: Hot Sex Talk) A" D$ P; w1 ^% h: }
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com地區: 韓國" z2 h6 U2 S" `: E1 }5 S" q
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com日期: 2015-11-03(韓國)& _2 I# t. C. ]/ D8 R
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com格式:HD-MP4, G! D! D& Y+ F% E% _- f
無限論壇 無限論壇大小:1.67G2 x9 C& F1 V. o$ l8 w/ y
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com語言: 韓語3 @# P8 \1 r) X" x. s
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com字幕:中字- O5 q' ?) n& o' P; Q/ d
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com片長: 75分鍾9 P+ I( l* p7 @* b  o7 [4 r
無限論壇 無限論壇導演: Lee Jun ! j- P- Q8 V8 L; L2 J5 e2 h
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com主演: Anne / Jang Chang-myung / Park Ji-yeol / Park Yoon-sik-I ) A& r. o7 p7 l: `: H
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com7 O+ n: \7 b: I" G5 P' V
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com劇情簡介 / ]4 G- \/ b* j
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com  Jane is a Korean-American. She is staying at her father's friend's house for a few months while she prepares a chain of massage shops in Korea. However, instead of working on her massage shops, all she's doing is selling sex toys on an Internet broadcasting station. Her boyfriend Tae-in doesn't like what she's doing and tries to make her stop. One day, Jane finds out her mother in the States is sick and while she's back home, Tae-in gets into a car accident. Jane is used to testing her sex toys on Tae-in so while he's sick her sales drop. So she finds other men to test her toys on... ; i) \& ?% h! e& y( O. s
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com: S5 V0 |6 f2 o7 _. ?& N$ Q
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com影片截圖/ a$ y% Y! f5 |, p% R( c7 h: m
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com5 l$ R# ]5 ]4 x
無限論壇 Twunbbs.com) @& U6 T0 t7 r
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com# F+ Y1 F2 i# K' T9 n, r- N
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com  w' l3 Z' t  V0 x$ a% l
Twunbbs.com Twunbbs.com* g* e, T  I, r  G/ q6 p8 `2 k
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無限論壇 無限論壇http://www.disknic.com/file/d68ef444b0e209c1.html9 {1 s) ^/ s) Z* n3 i5 Y
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